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Our Mission

The Playhouse mission is to provide a high-quality learning center that offers a stimulating and engaging environment where all children can experience acceptance, security, and love.  These experiences are critically important to children's success later in school.  What children learn during birth through kindergarten lays the foundation for learning.  Here at The Playhouse children can learn, play, and grow!

Learn, Play, and Grow

Playhouse Remote Learning

  Due to Covid-19 The Playhouse is now offering remote learning to school age students ages 5-12 years old for the 2020-2021 school year!  Remote learning is offered Monday through Friday from 7:30am-4:30pm.  The program is designed to help with the success of all children as they transition to online learning.  The Playhouse provides students' with routine and structure.  Breakfast, lunch, and snack are provided to help ensure children are attentive and ready to learn.  We provide academic support, peer interaction, outdoor and physical activity.  Our goal is to give children a safe, fun, and healthy learning environment.  The learning center operates on the Durham Public School's traditional calendar.  The Playhouse Early Academy is registered as a CBO (Community Based Organization) with North Carolina Division of Child Development.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp is designed for ages 5-12 years old.  The Playhouse offers a fun based theme curriculum fostering learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.  We have created a variety of different experiences for children to explore such as:  discovery, arts, mathematics, dramatic play, reading, music, blocks, manipulatives, stem, and sand and water exploration. Our field trips enhance children's every day learning experiences focusing on fun themes and lessons. Children will enjoy learning exciting and new activities every day!

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